Recreational Pot Legalization Gains Traction in Michigan

Recreational marijuana legalization is gaining traction in Michigan as advocacy groups team up to finally legitimize cannabis use for recreational purposes. In a recent report, a ballot proposal led by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) successfully gathers half of the signature they need to put the issue before voters in 2018.

Like alcohol

The MPP is among the leading advocates of cannabis use in the country. They helped obtain legal status for the drug in many states both for medical and recreational benefits.

In their Michigan plan, the effort is focused on regulating marijuana like alcohol so citizens of the state no longer have to worry about the legal repercussions of marijuana use for personal recreation.

The ballot committee is positive about the progress of the ballot, revealing that it has already gained half of the target signatures and raised sufficient funds to successfully serve it on the 2018 election ballots.

The MPP already raised over $818,000 in contributions, $518,288 of which was direct monetary support while an estimated $300,000 were given through goods and services.

The opposition

As in every revolutionary campaign, the ballot is met with opposition from various anti-marijuana groups.

Some argue that the ballot proposal would not regulate pot like alcohol while another believes marijuana could be a gateway drug to heroin.

Republican gubernatorial candidate and obstetric Jim Hines also expressed his concern over the possible effect of cannabis on the offspring of marijuana-using pregnant moms.

What the aftermath means

The economic potential of legalizing recreational marijuana is one of the high points of the pro-cannabis advocates. Once Michigan joins the roster of cannabis-friendly states, it is projected to contribute over $200 million in state revenue, money that could be used to benefit the education and public service sectors.

Recreational pot legalization would bring in more opportunities for both small and large scale entrepreneurs alike who would like to explore the lucrative possibilities of investing in cannabis business.

And, speaking of federal benefits, the ballot also gives complete control of recreational marijuana businesses to the local government.

A natural move

For now, the MPP along with its cohorts are putting all their efforts in gathering and verifying signatures for the campaign. It’s gradual, but it’s working.

Since the legalization of medical cannabis in the state back in 2008 and with other states legalizing recreational pot use, everybody knows it’s only a matter of time before that historic day finally arrives.

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