Respected Medical Journal Calls for UN to Rethink Harmful Drug Policy

A commission of 26 of the most highly respected medical and educational professionals in the world have released a report on Public health and international drug policy. The Lancet Commissions include researchers from Columbia University, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Yale University, University of Malaysia, Central European University, University of California, Portugal Ministry of Health, University of Uyo, University of the Andes, and more. You can find the full copy of the study embedded below.

“We urge health professionals in all countries to inform themselves and join debates on drug policy at all levels. True to the goals of the international drug-control regime, it is possible to have drug policy that contributes to the health and wellbeing of humankind, but not without bringing to bear the evidence of the health sciences and the voices of health professionals”


The Lancet: Public health and international drug policy (2016) by Ben Adlin

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