Second Group Voices Opposition Against Recreational Pot Ballot in Michigan

After cannabis advocates and supporters in Michigan passed over 300,000 signatures to qualify for the November 2018 ballot to legalize recreational marijuana, a new opposition group has surfaced to fight the legalization effort.

Healthy and Productive Michigan, formed on Wednesday, sets to hinder the measure spearheaded by the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, cannabis’ primary support group in the state. The group is a sizable coalition comprised of businesses as well as faith and law enforcement organizations whose primary goal is to keep recreational pot out of the state.

Healthy and Productive Michigan’s president Scott Greenlee says his organization is bent on keeping Michigan safe from the new cannabis threat, saying they remain solid in their stance to oppose any legalization efforts.

“Now that big money has started to get behind legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan, it’s time we put Michigan first and oppose these efforts. We remain opposed to increased marijuana use in Michigan.”

Greenlee maintains his silence about the people backing the organization but he did reveal that its members are committed to providing the group with the necessary financial resource in order to achieve their desired end.

“We plan to be very aggressive to fight this,” he adds. “I would anticipate to be successful we’ll have to exceed $1 million.”

Not the first

Greenlee’s group is not the first opposition entity to voice out against recreational pot decriminalization. In May, the Committee to Keep Pot Out of Neighborhoods and Schools which is funded by the Michigan Responsibility Council also expressed their disapproval of the ballot.

Spokesman for Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Josh Hovey said they already anticipated this from happening but maintained that they can only focus on what they are advocating for.

For now, the 365,000 signatures are up for review in the office of the Secretary of State. After this, they will be turned over to the Michigan Board of Canvassers where it will be determined if the measure does qualify for the ballot.

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