Seniors are Now the Fastest Growing Cannabis Consumers

After decades of nationwide persecutions and unfounded stigmatization, it seems like all those awareness campaigns and pro-cannabis movements are finally paying off. Marijuana usage is on the rise. But that’s barely the surprising part. It turns out, more of the cannabis user base are coming from the senior demographic.


Per a national survey, marijuana usage among seniors aged over 65 increased by a staggering 250 percent. Those who are 50 to 65 years old also saw an increase in usage by 58 percent.

It’s a surprising turn of events, given that most of those in the Baby Boomer generation are typically opposed to marijuana usage. So why the shift?

Bridging the gap

More seniors are looking for many ways to treat pain, which is associated with many diseases prevalent in old age. Marijuana as one of these treatments remained unknown to most American seniors until some groups made a move to educate them on the benefits of the drug.

One of such groups is Stratos, a cannabis manufacturer based in Colorado. They sought to educate skeptical seniors whom they believe can really take advantage of the medical benefits of marijuana.

“I think they have tried a lot of pharmaceuticals and they’re looking to improve their quality of life,” says Stratos spokesperson, Kate Heckman.

And they were right. Many of the seniors are alienated from the drug’s potential, simply because of their previous stigma in marijuana.

“All of these years I thought it was in the same category of any other recreational drug,” says the 91-year-old Second World War veteran Duane Kniebes.

A healthy progress

As medical marijuana is made legal in more US states, it is projected that more seniors are to discuss the cannabis treatment option with their doctors.

It’s a healthy progress, and a step that signifies a positive future for the controversial drug.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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