Study Shows Increase in Pot Usage in States Where Drug is Legal

A recent study conducted by researchers from the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health concluded that there is an increased number of marijuana users in states where the drug is legal.

More pot users

In the 29 states where medical marijuana laws are in effect, the daily use of pot among adult males and females aged 26 and above increased from 16.3 percent to 19.1 percent and from from 9.2 percent to 12.7 percent respectively.

Before the laws were passed, marijuana use among men of the same age category was at 7 percent. But after regulations were set in place, the usage increased to 8.7 percent. For women, a 1.3 percent increase was observed from just 3 percent before the law’s passage to 4.3 percent after it was effectively rolled out.


Pot use among those who are below 26 is unchanged by the passage of medical marijuana laws.

The study also showed that males within ages 18 and 25 have been using more marijuana daily compared to females of the same age range. More than one in every five men among past month users living within legal marijuana states disclosed that they used the drug every day.

Medical marijuana is legal in the country’s 28 states and in District of Columbia while eight states have legalized the drug for recreational purposes. However, the drug remains illegal on the federal level, maintaining its Schedule I status which categorizes it as a drug with no medical value and has high potential for abuse.

If the federal government lifts the legislative barrier on the federal level, would this mean a nationwide increase in overall pot usage?

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