The Best Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

Every weed smoker knows about the difficulties of traveling with weed. When your planning a big road trip, a whole bunch of weed is at the top of the list of things to bring. Finding a place to hide that weed in your car is the difficult part. Nine times out of ten your car probably won’t get searched and you won’t get in trouble, but the possibility of that one dick cop showing up can really make you cautious.


Below are some of the best places to hide weed in your car:


1.  In the center console, underneath the actual compartment.

When I was a lot younger, my brother grew and sold weed and I remember in his car, he would stash it under his center console. When you opened the console, the ‘bucket-like compartment’ would lift out and you could reach down and place large amounts of weed down there. When the compartment was in place, it looked totally normal. This spot worked out very well for a very long time.


2.  Right next to the spare tire.

In my old SUV, the spare tire was underneath the car in the back. It was held in by a chain device with a long turn key tool to drop it down and tighten it up. The idea is to drop the tire down to the ground, place your weed above the tire in some type of crevasse so your weed doesn’t get smashed, and then raise it back up with the turnkey. This is sandwich the weed in-between the tire and the car. This technique is best for larger amounts of weed, as it wouldn’t be worth it to hide a gram there, and it would be too difficult to get to it just to smoke it.


3.  In the sunglasses holder above the radio.

In my old car, I always found this spot to work out great for small amounts of weed. Located in the front center of the cars ceiling, the little plastic holder would pop open with just a little push. The center console and the glove box are the first places that police officers look, and they don’t really notice the sunglasses holder so it works out great. Great safe place for your one-hitter and best for small amounts of weed with easy access for your hourly toke.


4.  In the doors.

Most cops are lazy as fuck and won’t tear off your door panels. If they do… that sucks, what a bunch of dicks.


5.  In your trunk

In many states, it is illegal to search your trunk or locked glove box without a warranty. We’re not lawyers, and we get high all day, so don’t trust us if your state or cop does not support constitutional rights of privacy or whatever. Hide that shit in your trunk under the spare or under your dirty clothes, etc. The trunk has so much room too, put the pounds in the trunk!


Contrary to what you may have heard, DO NOT hide your stash in your muffler or in your engine. That shit will burn and become toxic. Your muffler/underside of your car will smoke that shit on you. To learn more about the best places to hide your weed and other cool weed related things, visit us at GetHigh!

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