The Best Ways to Cure and Dry Cannabis

When farming and harvesting the cannabis plant, a proper drying and curing method is critical to high yield production. If the right curing and drying process is not used, the cannabis plant will lose its specific odor, taste consistency, potency, and the quality of its buds. The best way to cure and dry cannabis, requires time and patience, but its bud rewards are worth it.


Drying Process

The drying of the cannabis plants requires the sequence of separation of the plants, the right temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The idea is to reduce much of the water content, which takes a slow, decelerate 10 to 14 day process. During the drying process, growers can cut the branches containing the buds, trim the leaves, then hang them separately upside down. Temperature is an important process, especially during the first 3 days, where the cannabis should be in a 20° celsius environment, then lowered slowly. This temperature allows the buds to dry at the right speed and potency. At the same time of monitoring the temperature, the cannabis humidity should be set high, around 50% because this climate allows the cannabis temperature to rise on its on, to slow down the delicate drying time.

There are varying ventilation process, but the key is to use the right method to help control the temperature settings and the humidity levels. Also, the room for the drying process should be somewhat dark because bring lighting degrades the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main ingredient found in cannabis plants. The main importance of drying the cannabis buds in a specific process is because the essential ingredients in its tissues could easily evaporate out, giving the plants bitter taste and smell.


Curing Process

After drying, the dried cannabis buds are ready for curing and to be stored in airtight glass containers. During the curing process, a cannabis plant is still changing chemically, where small amounts of chlorophyll and small amounts of pigments, are still breaking down. The curing method can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. When placing the cannabis in their containers, the plant should be placed in loosely, so that air can still move throughout its buds. Place the cannabis containers in a cool, dark environment, while checking their progress during the first 2 weeks. The buds need to be inspected for mold and mildew, which can easily get out of check because the conditions surrounding the cannabis is also the perfect environment for harmful bacteria and germs. The containers need to be opened and checked, not just for harmful germ growth, but to allow fresh air to continue to circulate. Believe it or not, curing can include a temperature setting refrigerator. The longer the buds sit in a fridge, the better its taste and potency becomes. The curing process also gives the cannabis buds greater flavoring, potency, smoother taste, and the right outcome for its intended medical use. REMOVE ALL MOLDY BUDS – THEY CAN MAKE YOU VERY SICK.

There are many different ways in which to dry and cure cannabis buds. The best way to cure and dry cannabis, will differ between growers, strains, and individual crops/plants. The more personal drying and curing process among growers, is a consensus that even a closet can be used, but there will be a very distinctive, powerful odor that emanates from these processes. Small batches of cannabis in the drying and curing methods, also includes, simply using brown bags, not clear or white bags, but dark bags. Remember, even in this simple process, the buds should be placed loosely and not in a tight packed environment. Allowing fresh air to circulate among its buds, helps the natural change of its sugars and chlorophyll to take place because its makes the smoke smoother tasting and its natural raw taste is changed for the better.

The amount of time that growers want and need in keeping the cannabis buds in air-tight containers, is based on a personal preference. Just a couple of weeks in a glass container renders the buds good enough to use, but if growers want a longer curing period, there is no damage or problem. Many growers believe that the longer their buds are cured, the smoother the smoke will be, just remember to continue to always check for germ growth in mold and mildew and to circulate the enclosed air with fresh air.

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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  1. elizabeth

    have only one plant with very large buds. can i put some in a Xikar closed top ashtray control humidity. they seem moist, rather than dry after 2 weeks…should i take them out of the can and place them in a brown paper bag? i live in a basement, and it’s very humid.

    1. krissywf2

      any air tight container, dark, 65degrease ambient temp cool dark air circulating cuoard etc

  2. elizabeth

    muchas gracias

  3. elizabeth

    hi high. i’ve got info, rather than a question. i’m a scientist, and the human brain has neuroreceptors specifically for thc, before the neural pathway for hardcore substances. despite it’s ‘legalization’ or ‘decriminalization’, it still remains on the ‘books’ as a CDS II substance–along with Un-natural or synthesized products. of which i’m sure you are aware. i’m just leaving this info in case anyone needs to know the truth, especially if they are about to ‘get in trouble’….when the fact is, ~50% of all pharmaceuticals are derived from botanical sources. have a good day. what is your recommendation for drying/curing?

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