The Best Ways to Toke Wax

Although it seems that the majority of consumers of all things THC are still content with blazing buds via some implement of combustion in order to achieve their buzz, more and more tokers are leaning toward a cleaner alternative to torching plant material. And just what is this “cleaner alternative” we’re referring to? It’s a form of concentrate that’s known by many names with the most common being “wax”.

Wax is merely a moniker for forms of hashish that have a waxy consistency. Most commonly, wax-style hashish is produced via using dry or fresh frozen plant material that’s added to ice and water then ran through what is known as a “washing” process in order to separate the sought after glandular trichome heads from their original address to make “water hash”. Once the water hash has been properly dried and cured it takes on the uniformity of wax as we mentioned before, which is one the ways it acquired its nickname. Another reason this form of hashish is called wax is due to the fact that when dried and ready for consumption, it resembles that of human ear wax. I know, it’s gross, right? Well, it’s gross but true, tokers.

And as the popularity of consuming concentrated forms of THC continues to increase across the country (and as it becomes more readily available for tokers to try), we’re finding that an increasing amount of individuals are posing the query as to how they go about combusting this particular type of concentrate. So, we here at Get High thought it would be a good idea to list a few ways to do just that.


The Best Ways To Smoke Wax

    • One of the oldest ways to enjoy a nice glob of wax is by using what is known as a Chillum, which is a short straight pipe, typically made of clay, used for smoking hashish, marijuana, or a combination of the two.
    • Another truly “old school” method for puffing that waxy stuff is by utilizing a sewing needle or straight pin that’s been fixed to a piece of cork, and a drinking glass. You merely form some wax into the shape of a small ball, carefully place it onto the head of the needle, light the wax with a lighter until it starts to combust, then cover the now smoldering wax with the drinking glass allowing it to fill with smoke. Once the drinking glass fills with smoke, you simply lift the edge of the glass while inhaling the tasty results.
    • A different but still classic way to benefit from your wax is by adding into the mix while rolling up a few spliffs or blunts. This method has been around for eons but it’s still one of the easiest ways to get the job done, especially when you’re blazing with an assemblage of likeminded individuals. Puff, puff, pass!
    • If filling a joint with your favorite wax or sucking smoke out of a drinking glass doesn’t sound appealing, you could always opt for the method that is ever-increasing in popularity, the vape pen. Granted it’s no needle poked through a piece of cork, but hey, it is the twenty-first century after all. More and more companies are coming out with vape pens designed specifically to use for smoking concentrates. And what better way to satisfy that urge to toke than with something that looks as if you’re puffing on an electronic cigarette. Talk about a stealthy way to combust your wax, right? It’s the only way to travel!
    • Another easy way to consume wax is by adding some to the top of a pipe or spoon freshly-packed with pot. You can also place a fine mesh screen or what is known as a “health stone” (a natural inert material)  in your spoon’s bowl and forgo the weed altogether if you so desire.
    • One of the most popular methods going right now for toking waxy forms of hashish has to be that of what is known as doing “dabs” on a heated “nail”. Whether it is heated via an electronic heating element (otherwise known as an “e-nail”) or a butane torch, the nail is by far one of the best ways to combust your wax. Concentrate nails are typically retrofitted to your favorite glass implement of combustion or what is referred to by those in the marijuana industry as a “rig”.


So, whether you prefer to go “old school” or choose to be a twenty-first-century toker, we hope this list of options will help guide you in the ways of consuming your wax. “Wax on” and stay lifted, tokers!

By: He Who Tokes

Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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