The Strongest Cannabis Strains in the World

Do you remember the time you got so high that you searched for your T.V remote or your keys, or perhaps your phone, all over your house, only to discover it was inside your pocket the whole time?

Why do cannabis smokers never stop searching for strains packed with astronomical THC levels? Two reasons. Potent strains get you really baked when you smoke little quantities. Second, we all want to experience the first high of a different kind. Take a few seconds and remember the uncontrolled fits of laughter and swelling sensation in your head. It’s no secret that music sounds better after you’ve taken a couple of bong rips. It’s no secret that if you only smoke one strain, it has a lessened effect over time, so variation is good for a cannabis connoisseur.

Do you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur? Here are eight of the most potent high thc strains famed for their jaw-dropping THC levels globally.


1. Durban Cookies

Durban Cookies is still a strain in progress. The cultivators crossed Durban Poison and popular Girl Scout Cookies hoping to come up with a new strain but ended up with this highly potent phenotype. Durban Poison is a potent South African landrace Sativa while Girl Scout Cookies came from crossing F1 Durb and a rare Florida OG Kush strain.

You may be shocked to learn that F1 Durb is not Durban Poison

Most people assume that Berner invented the Girl Scout Cookies strain by crossing regular OG Kush and Durban Poison. However, in this short video, Berner himself clearly explains how this tasty and highly potent strain came into existence.

Durban Cookies’ THC levels range from 26-29%.



2. King Tut

If you’re a seasoned cannabis cultivator, you can expect a 30% THC level in your harvest. Pyramid Seeds developed King Tut by crossing AK-47 and an undisclosed Indica. This strain emits a combination of strong citrus and skunk odors when smoked. In addition to its amazing THC levels, King Tut is a rare strain that appeals to veteran cannabis connoisseurs.

Your dispensary may recommend King Tut or similar to relieve chronic pains associated with bad accidents or injuries. Its potent cerebral rejuvenating properties may also make it suitable for treating depression. We dare you not to giggle. If you’re about to try King Tut for the first time, roll up a fatty and really get down on this flavorful and potent strain.


3. Bruce Banner ♯3

Dark Horse Genetics created this strain by exposing green buds to Gamma rays…relax, I’m kidding.

Jokes aside, Bruce Banner 3 buds resemble the Green Hulk’s biceps. They’re dense, green, large, and definitely strong. That’s why this Sativa-dominant contains a 30% THC level. If you’re a newbie toker, a bong rip of freshly grounded Bruce Banner 3 buds will keep you high for more than two hours. It’s advisable to take just a couple of pipe hits to prevent your high from turning in to a bad trip.

Dark Horse genetics crossed Strawberry Diesel and a secret OG Kush variety to develop Bruce Banner 3.


4. Nova OG

It’s hard to believe that Nova OG actually grows here on earth instead of a distant planet from a superior galaxy. Why? Because believe it or not, Nova OG has a 32 %THC level. This Indica-dominant hybrid actually exceeds Chemdawg’s THC level by a staggering 13 percent. Chemdawg is also a popular Indica-dominant hybrid famed for its medicinal benefits.

Manali West, a low-profile Cannabis growing company used an undisclosed Indica and a premium Sativa phenotype Sativa. Specifically, Manali West crossed Jack the Ripper and Harlequin Sativas to create their unique Sativa phenotype.  


5. White Tahoe Cookies

The name itself already gives you an idea about its genetic origins.

White Tahoe Cookies appeals to Indica smokers since it’s Sativa content is relatively low. This hybrid produces large dense buds covered with vibrant orange pistils and a white layer of huge trichomes. White Tahoe Cookies contains an average THC level of 27%

White Tahoe Cookies debuted in 2018. Kush4Breakfast, an anonymous cannabis grower crossed Tahoe OG with a secret Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. If you prefer toking up after work or school, White Tahoe Cookies will relax both your mind and body.


6. Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa released the song KK in 2014 to let the world know that he just released his own Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Khalifa Kush produces small to medium sized dense, green-orangish buds containing a 27% THC level. You’ll notice a layer of glittering trichomes without needing to bring the buds closer to your face.  Khalifa Kush produces a blend of pine and citrus smell when smoked. The flavors are more intense when you use a vaporizer.

Despite its nationwide popularity, Wiz Khalifa isn’t willing to let the cat out of the bag. Only Wiz and his team of Bay Area-based cannabis cultivators know the exact OG Kush phenotype and Indica strain that birthed Khalifa Kush.


7. GG4

Gorilla Glue 4 now goes by the new name of GG4. The term “glue” came about due to the highly sticky nature of GG4 buds when chopping them up using scissors.

It all started when an unknown cannabis grower wanted to create a new strain using Chem’s Sis and Sour Dubble. Unfortunately, his Chem’s Sis plant transformed into a hermaphrodite and the grower accidentally transferred pollen grains to the Sour Dubble. When he noticed that all his phenotypes were mostly hermaphrodites, the disappointed grower disposed of his crops.

Fortunately, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The grower’s friend dared to grow the hermaphrodite seeds and went ahead to cross them with Chocolate Diesel. Through skillful cultivation, this new grower developed the four popular Gorilla Glue strain phenotypes.

GG4 contains THC levels ranging from 25-30%.


8. Ghost OG

If you love smoking Indica strains, you’ll definitely love this mysterious Indica-dominant hybrid. Ghost OG contains a 28% THC level and brings about a heavy couch-lock high coupled with euphoria. You can taste intense citrus and lime flavors during smoke exhalation.

Ghost OG is mysterious due to a couple of reasons. No one knows who exactly invented Ghost OG. As far as lineage goes, history indicates that the grower or growers crossed an unknown landrace Afghani Indica with the authentic OG Kush. Just like most high-potent Indicas, expect to observe a dense white layer of trichomes covering the buds and sugar leaves.

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  1. Ripper

    Chemdog is sativa dominant not indica, even chemdog and the rest of the chem family will tell you this. Chem 4 is indica dominant however.

  2. Robert

    Is any of the seed left from the seventies. Columbian Red, Acapulco Gold, the original Gainesville Green? I mean are all the straight up strain seeds gone? Is everything a hybrid?

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