The Top 15 Marijuana Websites in the World


If you’re looking for a medical marijuana website, or recreational marijuana website, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched the internets and gathered the best websites in the world for the weed industry. Without higher adieu, let’s get started!

  1. – Yeah, we know, bias blah blah fuck you, pay us.
  2. WeedMaps – users love them, dispensaries hate their prices, the wolf of the pack, WeedMaps
  3. Leafly – weedmaps cute sister, we love their design and nug library
  4. – tons of awesome articles – these guys know how to get high and write
  5. – the primary legalization effort for the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws
  6. HighTimes – one of the classic marijuana websites
  7. – Marijuana Policy Project – NORML’s cool little brother – legalization efforts for cannabis
  8. The Cannabist – good selection of industry news and articles
  9. Reddit Trees – has an insanely good userbase of stoners
  10. POW420 – this powerful collection of those who have had their freedom taken due to
  11. Price of Weed – find the price of weed in specific areas, a hard task to keep accurate, but they seem to do a great job
  12. FuckCombustion – incredible resource forum for everything marijuana vaporizer related
  13. Massroots – technically not a weed website, but instead a weed app
  14. – all sorts of nerd data about vaporizers
  15. VaporizerWizard – vaporizer reviews
  16. Bonus – – the homeys are listing all the best grow products and grow tent tech.

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  1. MellowManiac

    Yall forgot about Livestoner!

  2. Damion

    Should add Livestoner.. They are pretty dope.

  3. Jennifer Smith

    I love visiting these cannabis sites! Thanks for the guidance!

  4. Kevin Murphy

    Yeah i highly agree with this because there are really many of best weeds websites we can try aside from sticking with only one for us to explore many details and information.

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