The Ultimate Guide to Weed Tinctures

So you want to learn more about marijuana tinctures? We can help you learn how to make weed tincture, the benefits of tincture, the best tinctures available, and more! Tinctures are not new to the marijuana scene, they were the primary method of ingestion until 1937, when cannabis was banned.


What is a Weed Tincture?

Weed tincture are alcohol based extractions of whole cannabis leaves or trim. They are extremely inexpensive and relatively easy to make quickly. The best way to consume tincture is often said to be sublingually (under the tongue) Tincture can also be added to drinks, nose sprays, and even some types may be used as eyedroppers.


Benefits of Weed Tincture

Due to using the actual plant and not a chemical substitute, Tincture contains 80 essential cannabinoids instead of only 1 like Marinol. The cannibidiol (CBD) of the tinctures can reduce the psychoactive effects of the THC while increasing the efficacy of the medicine. Tincture can provide all the medicinal benefits of the marijuana strain used in its creation.  This can include anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant, and more!

Tinctures can be flavored with natural, organic flavoring for improvement of taste.

It is a fast and easy process!


How to Make Weed Tincture

Making weed tincture requires basic kitchen tools, a few little items like dropper bottles, and high proof article (why we recommend this process for 21+ only)

Ingredients & What You’ll Need

Herb Grinder or Food Processor
1 Quart bowl
Mesh strainer
Cheese cloth
Kitchen scale
Quart canning jar with lid
Dark tint tincture bottles with droppers
Paper coffee filters
1 ounce of buds or stemless shake per quart of alcohol
The highest proof alcohol you can get your hands on. It should be at least 90 proof, though 151 or Everclear is preferable.


You can find other methods of making your own tincture here.

Where can you buy marijuana tinctures?

Try your local dispensary! Or, ask around in holistic medicine or hippie circles, just remember to “be cool man”

We hope you enjoyed the Ultimate guide to weed tincure’s, and enjoy your medicine friends!

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