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California Legalizes Cannabis: Legal and Lacking

california legalizes cannabis

Medical marijuana stabilized California’s reputation for years. We’ve built up a pretty strong recreational market in the shadows. At 6am on January 1st, marijuana became the sixth state to legalize recreational use. Like alcohol, consumers must be 21 years of age, with ID. This month legal cannabis becomes available...

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Biography of a Stoner: Jack Herer

jack herer

Avid cannabis smokers are probably quite familiar with the renowned Jack Herer strain, favorite for its focused, energetic high. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a dreamy combination of Northern Lights crossed with Shiva Skunk and a Haze. Since its origins in the Netherlands mid-1990s, stoners are head-over-heels for this ideal...

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Biography of a Stoner: Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman Cannabis

‘Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills,’ ‘Martha Stewart of Marijuana’ and ‘America’s First Lady of Cannabis.’ No, we are not talking about three different people. Cheryl Shuman earned all three titles with her charming and unique personality. Now, she is widely known as one of the marijuana’s biggest celebrities and...

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Terp Crazy: Everything you need to know about Terpenes

terpene chart

What gives cannabis the different aromas and flavors? Why are some cannabis strains stronger than the others regardless of THC? Various combination of terpenes make each marijuana strain unique. Terpenes are the building blocks of cannabis. Recently, terpenes have gained a lot of traction as we uncover their different...

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