Uruguay’s Registered Pot Users Went Three-Fold Since July

Only five months after legalizing recreational marijuana, the nation state of Uruguay has already dispensed marijuana to over 16,000 registered users, over a three-fold increase from the users back in July.

Uruguay’s recreational cannabis laws allow individuals to grow their own pot at home or to participate in local cannabis clubs which permits them access to up to 40g of marijuana every month. For now, there are 70 existing membership clubs in this country of 3.4 million people.

An example

Uruguay, the first country to legalize marijuana, caught the world’s attention as other countries also sought to establish their own legal marijuana marketplace. How recreational pot laws is created and executed in the country including how they handle obstacles that arise will guide other countries in making their own legislative blueprints.

Cannabis advocates in the country say that the goal of the whole action is to help end drug trafficking in the country and to help ensure the safety of marijuana users as most of those products available on the streets are often mixed with ingredients deemed dangerous for consumption.

Marijuana sold in pharmacies are also way cheaper than their illegal counterparts.

Liberal policies driving progress

Part of the country’s leniency to pot laws is its separation of the church and the state. Although the county is largely Catholic, its liberal laws are far more forward than most of its neighbors.

For now, there are 11 provinces in the country that still lack legal cannabis vendors. The government is now considering establishing marijuana kiosks in said provinces.

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