Some US Universities Now Offer Cannabis Classes and Programs

As marijuana permeate the American way of life, cannabis culture also begins to take root. And not just in business and medical complexes but even in the academia. Today, you can now enroll in cannabis classes in the United States of America.

Deeper studies

Many universities in the country are now offering marijuana classes with the objective of delving deeper into the legal and biological impact of the drug.

Institutions such as the likes of University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine, Ohio State University and the University of California, Davis now offer a syllabus on the usage and biology of cannabis, including the social and legal issues that surround it.

Students can choose to earn credits from such classes or not.
Getting serious

In the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine, they offer a Medical Cannabis Graduate Program where students can solely focus on the chemistry of cannabis, its effects, and use – known or emerging, as well as the salient political and socio-economic discussions associated with the drug.

So what’s the rationale behind the academia’s stepping into this controversial socio-political mix?

Cannabis industry consultant Shannon Vetto offers his insight:

“Educating people about the science of cannabis and the legal issues surrounding it allows people to enter the industry in a more legitimate way, equipped with real data and real knowledge, not myths.”

For now, the US has two colleges that are fully dedicated to cannabis education: the Cannabis Training University and the THC University – the emergence of which signal a positive future for a drug that has long been misunderstood.

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