How Does A Water Pipe Work?: The Science Behind Them

What is a Water Pipe?

Water pipes, also known as hookahs, bongs, bubblers, are ingenious little devices that make smoking less harmful to your body, while still allowing you to enjoy your pastime by drawing the smoke down through cool water, making it less harsh on the throat and lungs than using other smoking devices. Water pipes are used to smoke tobacco, shisha, and various other mixtures. Shisha for hookahs generally comes either nicotine free, or with added tobacco, as well as in a wide range of scents and flavours.

They have either a choke, also known as a shotgun or carburator, which is covered by the fingers until enough smoke has been brewed in the water pipe, then the choke is released and the smoke shoots into the lungs. Alternatively, a bowl with an air tight rubber or glass on glass can be used, the bowl is simply removed when the chamber has been sufficiently filled with smoke.

They are by no means a new invention, in fact bongs and water pipes have been around in Southeast Asia and the entire continent of Africa for several centuries at least. Back then they were often made from dried out gourds and fruits, as well as from wood, or bamboo in Southeast Asia.


How Does a Water Pipe Work?

A water pipe functions much resemble those of the typic classical pipe, but with a key difference. The desired. Water pipes hold a small reservoir of water, the bowl of the pipe is lit in the same way as a regular pipe, but first it must pass through the water. Then you draw on the pipe and the smoke travels down through the water before reaching the lungs. The cool water traps heavier particles and water soluble toxins, as well as certain unwanted forms of bacteria.

Water pipes are so useful because the water clears out many of the toxins, tar and carcinogens that are to be found in any kind of smoke. In some studies it has been estimated that a good water pipe or bong can possibly remove up to eighty percent of these unwanted and unhealthy cancer causing supplements, making them far more healthy and easier on the lungs than a typical pipe, cigar, or cigarette, which are either poorly filtered or not filtered at all, making them pretty harsh on the lungs.


How Efficient Are Water Pipes Compared to Other Smoking Methods?

Water pipes are not only healthier on the body, they are more efficient as well. This is because the bowl or shotgun method, which means you cover a small hole above the water line in the water pipe, light the bowl, and either pull the bowl or uncover the small hole to receive your hit. Because of the water cooling, (and if your your bong has an ice catcher, ice cooling as well) and efficient way water pipes work, this method allows you to inhale almost all of the smoke without the harshness of a pipe or cigarette.

Water pipes work very efficiently, allowing you to inhale almost all of the smoke at once, rather than in short intervals, as with a cigarette or conventional pipe. It has been estimated that smoking a rolled cigarette up to seventy five percent of the smoke is wasted, burning and floating into the sky. On the other hand, it has also been estimated that water pipes are more than double the efficiency of pipes or cigarettes, making them the best choice financially, as well as to provide a more potent amount of smoke quickly and all at once.

There are some circumstantial reports that people who smoke only water pipes are less susceptible to cancer in their lifetimes. For even more filtration of the smoke, some water pipes or bongs can be fitted with something called a diffuser, also full of water, which serves as a second filtration system. Some bongs have built in devices known as percolators, which function in much the same way, and range from one to four, depending on the device.



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Author: Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

Justin Meerkat

Cannabis Entrepreneur & Cofounder | Follow @justinmeerkat on Instagram

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