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Most games that revolve around smoking weed seem like adaptations of popular drinking games. Any marijuana user knows the two substances have so little in common that this doesn’t always work. The goal of drinking games is to basically get as obliterated as possible, and continuing to drink until the participant can no longer move. And depending on how rowdy you and your buddies typically get, a competitive game could get messy.

However, the nature of marijuana and the high that it produces may leave stoners wanting more out of a gaming experience. Mostly peaceful and docile, the stoner may want a game that is more challenging and entertaining than competitive. Besides, unlike drinking, who doesn’t want to take another toke? Stoners just wanna have fun!

These Games below can get you thinking about ways to spice up your next sesh.


Stoner Fluxx

This card game about Weed and Freedom will entertain for hours, possibly the best stoner game available. Fluxx is the card game with ever changing rules! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards… add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.

  • 2 to 5 player game
  • 5 to 30 minute game



Bubble Blowing Contest:

Simple, fun, and a challenge if you’re a typically cougher. Few games will match the whimsy and excitement of filling the room with smoky bubbles. Take as big a toke as you can, get your bubble wand ready, and let ‘er rip! Bonus points for biggest bubble, and fun for stoners of all ages. There are plenty of opportunities to work on your technique, just take it from Spongebob.

Winner doesn’t have to pitch in for the pizza delivery bill.


(Smoke) Ring Around the…:

Some people are great at blowing smoke rings already, but if you’d like to learn how, here’s a great tutorial. Blowing the best smoke ring is a great game, too, if you’re learning for the first time.

The premise here is pretty simple as well: aim at an object (bong, salt shaker, cactus, can of cheese whiz, what have you), and attempt to loop your smoke ring around it. These can be one on one where your friends judge which one is better based on consistency and diameter, or it can be a free for all for as many players as you want! For the serious gamers, setting up a tournament bracket is a great way to pass an afternoon.

Winner of the best smoke ring or with best aim chooses the next reggae playlist.


Speed (Joint) Racer:

two blunts (or rolling papers), two competitors, one winner. This game tests your joint rolling skills. Prep your materials ahead of time, or include grinding bud and pulling out your papers as part of the race! This game can be played with any number of people really, so go and show your buds just how skilled you are!

Winner gets to choose where to pick up snacks.



Staring contests are fun, but they’re more fun when you can barely keep from laughing. The goal is to be the last one standing, but it’s harder than it sounds. Once the giggles set it, it could all be over…but if you want an extra edge, pull out your eye drops and keep those peepers moistened.

Winner doesn’t have to be the one that orders for everyone else at Taco Bell.


Lighter Sliders:

A great way to work on your shuffleboard skills for the next time you go out.It’s also excellent finding out which of your buds keeps pocketing your lighters. Determine a target on a table or counter, and slide lighters toward it. Whoever hits the target (or gets closest without touching it), gets another hit.

Winner gets to swap lighters with someone. (My buddy has a Jimi Hendrix lighter I’ve had my eye on for a while, but that has nothing to do with this)


Hacky Sack:

The stoner’s go to. Pull out that hacky sack next time you light up. It gets you off your butt and using your hand eye coordination, and you’ll probably work up a thirst if the cottonmouth hasn’t done it already. Keep your hacky sack in the air with your feet or any other part of your body except your arms or hands. Loser misses out on greens next bowl.



This one’s an old classic with a green twist. Write down categories and actions ahead of time, being as creative as you can. Then fire up a bowl and start the game. You’ll want teams of two to play. However, the odd one out can make a group of three if need be, or they can play scorekeeper. Play in rounds of five, with bowls between each round. You acting skills are sure to get a boost once then ganja is involved. You’ll have your friends rolling on the round laughing too.

Winners of each round get greens for the next bowl, and the first team to three takes home the title of Toasty Charades Champion!


(High)de and Seek:

This isn’t necessarily a competitive game, but it’s a classic nonetheless. If you have a big house or yard, or if you have a fun park nearby, head out and have an adventure with your buds. Since you’ll be in public, sunglasses are recommended. Pass an afternoon with your buddies like you did back in the good old days. Do not forget to establish home base.

Everyone’s a winner! Go out for snacks afterward to celebrate good times, come on!

Since these games were curated by a real stoner, they are sure to bring in the laughs and good times. Afterall, stoners love to get high, but we are more about respecting each other limits and testing each other’s skills.

Next time you find you and your friends sitting around a good bowl, remember these games. And Let the games begin…

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