What are Space Buckets?

It’s possible to grow and harvest up to two ounces of potent cannabis buds inside a customized everyday 5 gallon plastic bucket. These are called SPACE BUCKETS and are out of this world with their creativity, affordability, and yield per square inch.

Have you ever heard about space buckets? Basically, it’s an ordinary 5-gallon bucket that’s customized for indoor plant growing. Space buckets make it easy for residents living in cannabis-friendly states to cultivate a few plants inside apartments. In fact, you only need $100 dollars to construct your own space bucket.

That amount is equal to about 11 movie tickets.

California’s Prop 64 states that residents who are at least 21 years old can grow a maximum of six cannabis plants. It also warns growers against exposing live plants to neighbors. If you don’t want police storming your apartment because some residents reported your balcony grow-op, invest in a space bucket.


Space Bucket’s on Reddit: My Fave Resource on How to Get Started with Growing in Buckets

The good news about creating a space bucket is you’ll find a helpful community on reddit, and all the equipment at Home Depot or your local grow/hydroponics store. Plus, the instructions are so easy that you can construct it within a day or less (with ample motivation of course) If you need a ready list of materials and easy step-by-step instructions, check out this Reddit Thread on Space Buckets.

Reddit space bucket threads like that help to enable new cannabis growers to gain wisdom by learning from the mistakes of fellow members. For instance, if you spot brown leaves on your cannabis plants, you can find credible solutions from this Reddit grower who noticed brown leaves in his Space Bucket grow-op.

Currently, there’s no once space bucket cannabis guru. Hence, seasoned indoor growers still need someone to guide them on how to successfully grow marijuana inside space buckets. Since no man is an island, you need the help of fellow Reddit cannabis growers to ensure successful cultivation. In addition to technical advice regarding lights and wiring, Reddit Space Bucket threads enlighten growers on cannabis cultivation tips.


Space Bucket’s are Best with LED Grow Lights

The lighting system inside a space bucket differs from conventional cannabis indoor lights due to close proximity between bulbs and growing plants. Some Reddit cannabis growers ended up with burnt crops due to neglecting the distance between growing cannabis plants and hot CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs.

Cannabis trichomes contain high concentrations of flavors and medicinal cannabinoids. Weed dispensaries use ice water and dry sifting techniques to extract trichomes for making various concentrates. If you prefer dabs to buds, use LED lights instead of CFL bulbs.

Here are easy instructions on how to create an LED spotlight for your space bucket.

LED full spectrum indoor grow lights emit sufficient ultraviolet light to maximize trichome production.


Hydroponic Space Buckets

Hydroponic space buckets are suitable for growing your cannabis using a regulating Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique since water takes less space than soil. It’s also easier to regulate your water’s pH and nutrient intake from one source. Growing plants in the soil can be a challenge because most parasites thrive in it.  It’s best to consult resources created by people with technical experience in hydroponics, such as these guys who go in depth with how to set up your space bucket.


Best Cannabis Strains for Growing in Space Buckets

Ekrof, an experienced space bucket creator, explains how living in a confined apartment challenged him to think of ways to grow cannabis discreetly. Indoor growers often have to deal with the strong odors released by flowering cannabis plants. To avoid attracting neighbors’ attention, indoor growers have to purchase expensive carbon filters or negative ion generators. However, Ekrof wanted a more affordable, compact, and odorless system suited for home cannabis growers.

After creating and testing a couple of prototypes, Ekrof realized that tall strains couldn’t survive inside space buckets. The CFL lights would end up burning most leaves hence most plants died due to insufficient carbon dioxide intake and photosynthesis challenges. In school, you learned that plants breathe through their leaves, so this make sense! In addition, leaves rely on ultraviolet light to carry out photosynthesis in order to break down nutrients. If they don’t get the properlight from being too bushy, you could have serious issues with your grow.

Ekrof advises space bucket owners to grow strains that are short, fast maturing, and odorless. He specifically recommends Blue Mystic for a variety of reasons. This hybrid Indica-dominant strain reaches a maximum height of just two feet tall and takes 2.5 months to mature. Blue Mystic is best suited for space bucket growing because it’s odorless and high-yielding. It’s so discreet that you can grow it inside your bedroom without drawing parents’ or roommates’ attention.

Blue Mystic requires no special cultivation hence making it a suitable choice for newbie cannabis growers. If you provide the right light intervals, sufficient nutrients, and balanced pH, your buds will achieve a 21 % THC content. Ekrof suggests adding LED strips inside space buckets to increase the trichomes growing on your Blue Mystic buds.

Space Bucket Grow Journal

A grow journal is a book where you record the progress of your plants from germination to harvest. Farmers keep grow journals to enable them to identify and distinguish different stages of growth. This source of information enables farmers to detect problems in subsequent grow ops when plants take too long to mature.

When experimenting with different light intervals, you need a space bucket grow journal to record all observations. Taking notes enables you to gain a better understanding of how your lighting system influences growth in different strains. Blue Mystic grows needs 12 hours of uninterrupted ultraviolet light followed by 12 hours of total darkness.

Sometimes, mites floating in the air can land on your cannabis plants and wreak havoc. Since you’ll need pesticides to eliminate parasites, it’s important to note your plants’ response to the medication inside your space bucket grow journal. It’s also easier to remember the names of cannabis-friendly pesticides when you jotted down the names in a book.

It’s advisable to backup your journal entries on electronic sources. Simply create a Microsoft document containing tables similar to the pages of your space bucket grow journal and fill in data every day. Ensure you upload your entries to cloud storage accounts to avoid total data loss in the event of computer virus attacks.


Space Bucket Harvest

Cannabis farmers derive a lot of satisfaction at this stage. Once your buds are ready for harvest, remove the bulbs and uproot your live cannabis plant. Remove the soil to avoid accidental breeding of parasites. Take good care of your space bucket because you’ll need it again. We recommend washing your space bucket in bleach and then rinsing thoroughly with water. You can also use slightly diluted rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, depending on your preference.


Space Bucket Yields

Blue Mystic grown according to perfect space bucket recommendations yields up to two ounces of dense, light-blue buds. First-time growers should expect an ounce. If you reside in California, you can harvest at least 12 ounces since Prop 64 allows you to grow six cannabis plants. Of course, your mileage (yield) will vary depending on your light quality, soil, nutrients, humidity, strain, and more.


Growing Tomatoes in Space Grow Buckets

When you’re not growing dank buds, you can cultivate tomatoes or other fruits/vegetables/herbs inside a space bucket. Just like cannabis plants, tomatoes adapt well to low-stress training. You can use tomato pesticides on cannabis plants, which makes growing affordable.

Tomatoes grown in space buckets take 2.5-3 months depending on variety. Successful growers using space buckets report yields of 30+ tomatoes per plant.


What a pleasant learning experience!

Space buckets are ideal for both budding and seasoned cannabis growers. If you’ve just bought a premium high-grade cannabis clone, it’s advisable to grow it in perfect conditions to ensure survival.  New growers who want first-hand indoor growing experience ought to start with space buckets.

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