What is Cannabigerol – a.k.a. CBG/CBGA?

Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids. Various medical researchers have shown that CBD carries the highest medicinal value. Just when scientists were about to conclude that marijuana produces CBD as the sole main medicinal cannabinoid, a new discovery emerged. In addition to CBD, cannabis also produces another medicinal non-psychoactive compound called Cannabigerol (CBG).

Unlike CBD, there are just a handful of Cannabigerol studies expounding on its medicinal value. CBG constitutes only about 1% of all cannabinoids present in living cannabis plants. Another challenge is that cannabis researchers don’t know which strains carry the highest CBG levels. That’s why you can’t find a 100 percent pure CBG medical product in the market.

Sections of cannabis researchers liken CBG to stem cells. According to their research, cannabis plants produce Cannabigerol during the vegetative growth phase. As the plant nears its flowering phase, a set of enzymes use the sun’s ultraviolet rays to convert CBG into THC and CBD.


Eight illnesses that may be treated using Cannabigerol

1. Persistent bacterial infections

Sinusitis is a serious bacterial infection that affects the nose and sinuses. It occurs whenever the protective bacteria inside the airway begin attacking surrounding tissues. While you can cure sinuses by taking strong prescription antibiotics, certain bacteria are immune to pharmaceutical interventions. Specifically, the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

CBG medication reverses the effects of inflammation. This promotes tissue regeneration in the respiratory tract. In addition, it weakens MRSA bacteria through altering their molecular structure. The good news is you can also use Cannabigerol to treat septic, slow-healing, bacteria-infected wounds on your body.


2. Glaucoma

Previous research has praised marijuana’s ability to cure glaucoma. Now thanks to recent research, you get to understand how CBG interacts with your optic nerves.

Glaucoma affects the optic nerves by causing unwanted fluid buildup. As fluid pressure builds, the tissue exerts pressure on your optic nerves. This pressure interrupts flow of signals from the eyes to the brain. If left untreated, Glaucoma causes permanent blindness.

Administering CBG medication to Glaucoma patients helps their eyes in two ways. The most significant is draining tissues filled with unnecessary fluid. Second, CBG unblocks the small outlet at the corner of the eyes where excess fluid flows out.


3. Hyperactive bladders

Do you know someone who frequents the urinal more than two times an hour?

It could be a symptom of Diabetes. Doctors state that Diabetes affects the nerves below your waist. In extreme cases, some patients suffer urinary incontinence because the nerves in their bladder cannot communicate effectively. This makes it impossible to feel natural urges that precede short calls.

A group of researchers used CBG as an experimental drug to treat urinary continence back in 2015. They observed how a combination of THCV and CBG cannabinoids greatly stimulated nerves situated in their patients’ bladders. Including CBG in Diabetes medication restores bladder control and restores dignity to patients.


4. Psoriasis

Have you ever woken up with a swollen patch of flaky skin on your scalp or hand that itches every second?

Psoriasis is a skin infection that occurs due to rapid cell growth. Some people are genetically predisposed to Psoriasis while others require contact with triggers. For instance, overwhelming stress causes hormonal imbalance leading to an infection. You cannot acquire Psoriasis through consuming certain foods or beverages.

CBG contains anti-inflammatory properties that help cell regeneration on patches of skin infected with Psoriasis. You can treat affecting areas by directly smearing CBG dermatological oils.


5. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects both adults and children. It affects one’s central nervous system so bad that it causes temporary paralysis and pain in the limbs. Each case of MS differs due to varying triggers. Cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol are well-known triggers.

When MS strikes, a patient experiences a couple of devastating symptoms. A temporary loss of muscle control causes frequent involuntary muscle spasms that are often painful. MS also makes it hard for patients to chew and swallow food.

CBG medication helps the central nervous system to heal faster. It also stabilizes nerve function in order to prevent the immune system from launching further attacks.


6. Cancer

CBG contains unique medicinal properties that affect bacterial growth. Certain bacteria known to cause cancer usually begin as small tumors. As time moves on, these tumors rapidly increase in size and spread cancerous cells to other body parts.

Pro-Cannabis cancer specialists administer Cannabigerol medication to patients undergoing chemotherapy. CBG stimulates one’s appetite through targeting specific nerves located in the brain. Without food, the body cannot withstand the physically draining effects associated with chemotherapy sessions.

As stated earlier, CBG contains anti-inflammatory properties that boost tissue regeneration. Chemotherapy eliminates all infected cells however surrounding healthy tissue also suffers. CBG medication helps the body to restore damaged tissue effectively.


7. Broken bones

Whenever you sustain a fracture, your body works double time to produce bone marrow. People with chronic conditions affecting bone marrow production endure lengthy healing periods. In addition, the injured bone grows weaker due to insufficient bone marrow production for fortification.

In 2015, a group of medical researchers based in Tel Aviv and the Hebrew University discovered how combining CBD with CBG boosts bone marrow production. In fact, fractures treated with CBD and CBG medication became stronger compared to pre-injury.


8. Severe depression

Many people mistake sadness for depression. Well, you can’t blame them because depression manifests itself through sadness.

Depression refers to a mental illness where a patient suffers prolonged episodes of intense sadness that it affects their overall health. People suffer from depression after witnessing or experiencing traumatic events. Sometimes, the event isn’t traumatic but still devastating. For instance, sudden retrenchment or losing a competition.

Nowadays, doctors have realized how effective CBD and CBG medication is in combating depression. Research proves that adding CBG to CBD medication enhances its anti-anxiety effects. CBG also restores appetite because severe depression produces chemical imbalances that affect one’s appetite.


CBG is here to stay!

Just like CBD, you cannot get high off CBG medication. In fact, doctors and nurses often administer it to sick children in cannabis-friendly states when deemed necessary. Since CBG research is still relatively new, always consult your doctor before purchasing CBG medication.

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