The White Lighter Myth: Why Are We Scared of Bic Lighters?
White Lighter


Open up your bag, grind up some of that BOMB Sour Diesel you just picked up, pack it into a bowl, and your buddy passes you a lighter, but you don’t grab it. You look at him with a confused, almost scared look. He is passing you a white lighter, a taboo item in stoner culture. You smack the lighter out of his hand, and you look frantically for another lighter in your messy room, before finding one in the empty pizza box from last night.


But why are we scared of white Bic lighters? Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison. Janis Joplin. Kurt Cobain. They all died tragically young, as part of the “27 Club”, and they were all left-handed and all were supposedly found with white Bic lighters in their pockets. This is the story I had been told since the first time I hit a bong, except that I recently found out this isn’t the reason there is a curse on the white Bic lighter. Hendrix and Joplin died in 1970, Morrison in 1971, and Cobain later in 1994. But, Bic did not start making lighters until 1973…


The real reason for the white Bic lighter myth comes from the first release of the disposable lighter by Bic. They were originally released in White and Black only. When you are hitting the end of the bowl, you need to pack it in a little bit, what do you use? The bottom of your lighter. If you use a white lighter, there will be black burnt bud holding on, showing everyone, including cops, that you are a pot-smoking hoodlum. With a black lighter, you would not be able to notice, and you would be safe. That’s where this white Bic lighter myth has come from.


That being said, stop being scared of the white Bic lighter. I specifically try to use a white Bic every time I light up, as I control my own luck, and I’m not scared of a little ghost story. So, next time you go pick up some wraps, get a white lighter, and light up with some peace of mind.????


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